25th SEPTEMBER - 29th SEPTEMBER 2023

Global Conference, In-Person



Global leaders and experts meet to advance the state of supply chains

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Shape the Future of Supply Chains:

The Rise of Innovative Technologies

As the world evolves, so should a company’s supply chain strategy. How is your organisation transforming its operations to ensure agility, resilience, sustainability, and able to meet the demands of the modern world? The 2nd Edition of the Supply Chain Conference is a part of the week-long WinterComes event, which brings together global leaders and experts in supply chain, logistics, and data to address challenges and opportunities towards achieving a shared ambition of shaping the future of supply chains by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

WinterComes offers a unique experience for networking, knowledge sharing, best practices and collaboration. The event enables service provider, retail, and manufacturer companies to engage in-depth conversations about the strategic implications of new technologies for their businesses with direct access to the creators of these ground-breaking innovations.

Key Topics

Data Driven Supply Chain Solutions

Quantum Computing

Generative Intelligence

Light Robotics

Federated Data Exchange

First & Last Mile Solutions

Programme at a Glance